How to update FS-i6/TGY-i6 with Arduino

Good day all, i simply up to date best quadcopter my transmitter with no need any greater cable, simply the use of my arduino nano

Note: this has been tested with arduino nano v3.Zero, however ought to work with any arduino board the usage of atmega328 like arduino mini and uno. I have also tryed with arduino mega, but it would not work, appears to paintings best with atmega328.

Connections setup:

join arduino reset pin and gnd (this may pass the ttl commands comming from the laptop at once to tx and rx pins)

join tx pin from the transmitter to the tx pin on the arduino

connect rx pin from the transmitter to the rx pin at the arduino

same with gnd, to gnd in arduino


Update instructions:

Connect Arduino to your PC

Check in Windows Device Manager for the COM port number assigned to Arduino under Port (COM & LPT), if there is any errors or warnings follow the instructions from the video at the end of the post

Download the update from

Write down all your settings, the update will override them

Prepare the transmitter for the Update: System > Firmware update > OK > YES

Execute .exe as Administrator

Select the same COM port that is in Windows Device Manager

Press Open Port
If version appears in the text box that means we are connected and ready to update

Press Programme

Wait until it finishes and done!
Now just disconnect all and restart your transmitter

Enjoy it!!

If you try with a different Arduino and it works, let me know to update the post

Just made a video in Youtube in case you need more illustration

Trying to use this method but it doesn’t seem to work for me. I have an Arduino Nano V3 (tried 2 actually) which shows correct in device manager. Running either the FlySky or Turnigy tool als administrator and click connect while the tx is in update mode doesn’t show up the version number. Can’t program. I have the cabling connected exactly as shown. Visit here to watch or shop.

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How to update FS-i6/TGY-i... Good day all, i simply up to date best quadcopter my transmitter with no need any greater cable, simply the use of my arduino nano Note: this
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